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  • Gillian McKendree

The Archivist: CGI Free

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

The Archivist's devotion to an authentic 1970's aesthetics film required extra effort when it came to our special effects.  

Throughout our production, a psychedelic vortex becomes a heavily drawn upon feature.  In-camera effects and matte work had to be believable.

To achieve this, we worked with Dr. Brant Watson of the science division at the University of Miami.

Throughout this process, Dr. Watson helped us engineer and rig the lasers and necessary optics to create the spiraling prism vortex.  Additionally, we utilized split diopters, which were often used in 1970's cinematography, allowing us to have both the background and foreground in focus.  Plus, the vintage fog and star filters involved helped achieve an otherworldly aesthetic. 

The effort put into this film, down to even the nitty-gritty details, helped yield results that were more tactile and brings you back to the visual language of the 60's and 70's.

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