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The Archivist movie depicts a bizarre near-future totalitarian society where “the past is forbidden and memories are treason" and bloodthirsty government agents called “archivists” scour a fallen America for illegal artifacts of civilization and punish those who harbor them. But Agent Calder Benson, the most brutal archivist of them all, soon finds the artifacts he is ordered to destroy have a powerful lure on him – and hold the key to forbidden memories he was forced to forget. To find the disturbing truth of his own past, Agent Benson steals a 1970s muscle car and escapes to the high deserts and strange swamp roads of a post-apocalyptic America crawling with glue-sniffing crazies who attack airplanes with chainsaws, an evil overlord who rules the remnants of civilization, and a motorcycle-riding masked Sheriff who is not what he appears to be!






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1st Assistant Camera    Dale Shumate                              

2nd Assistant Camera   Kendall Moody

Art Director                 Ed Amantia         

Sound & Effects           Studio 70







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Directed by                

Written by                  

Produced by               

Music by                    

Edited by

Cinematography by                    

Eric Hand

Bo Gardner & Eric Hand

Last Highway Films

White Noise Generator

David Noel & Tom Marotta

Eric Hand

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