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  • Gillian McKendree

The Archivist: Historical Homage

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

It's no secret that the team behind "The Archivist" has a deep appreciation for film photography and the history behind it.

Filming solely on 35mm Techniscope, we realize how much we owe Kodak for allowing our idea to come to life.

Had Kodak stopped production of film stock, “The Archivist” would not happen. The look of film is an essential aspect to retain the character of movie with this genre, as much as the scenery and characters themselves are.

Film glues visuals together in a way that digital cannot. Hand states that an effort of his was to, "make some people think about what movies used to mean, and how they looked before digital technologies became the order of the day."

So for your viewing pleasure, we have taken some film stills from the ongoing production and made them black and white.

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